Download, mod and share selected Fake Doom song stems/tracks used to master selected Fake Doom releases. Create alternative versions of our releases with new tempos, time signatures and your own vocals. Send us the new versions which we may feature on this site. See the list of available stems/tracks at the bottom of this page.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download a GarageBand project or AIFF track bundle from the list below.
  2. Fire up GarageBand or a similar app (such as CakeWalk or Magix MusicMaker).
  3. In GarageBand, open the downloaded project (.proj) file which will already have the AIFF tracks in place to export a song file. Do a test export to an MP3 file.
  4. In Studio One (for example), create a new empty project, import the AIFF track files in the downloaded bundle, line them up vertically (see screenshot below) then export the song as an MP3.
  5. You are now ready to create alternative versions of any Fake Doom release available as a stem/track bundle or GarageBand project. Replace or add to the tracks visible in your project (see the GarageBand screenshot below), then export the song to whatever format you want (MP3, WAV, etc.).
  6. If you feel like sharing with us any of your alternative versions, or have suggestions for improving this process, please contact us via theĀ Contact link in our main menu.

Selected Stems and GarageBand Projects