Let’s face it: Rock & Roll tee shirt production is a “pick-1” proposition (cost vs. quality vs. timely delivery: pick one).

So, rather than up-selling you something which we ourselves manufacture, package and ship–hoping you like the result–we are happy to offer instead a free, high-rez (500×500¬†pixels, transparent background) PNG of our logo which you can give to a one-off/small-batch printer.



Searching Google with “one-off tee shirt printing” is a place to start. We have used Allied and Rush Order Tees in the past (see the samples below) for so-called “digital” printing. Whoever you choose, make sure they understand your expectations in terms of quality and durability.

If you find a reliable “screen” printer who does small batches at the same price as the typical “digital” shop, please let us know!

If your printer is unable to use or resample our hi-rez master, please advise and we will make a custom version with whatever specs you want.

Right click the image above to select the way you want to download the hi-rez master PNG file. Click a tee shirt image below to see an enlarged version.